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Mass Effect Walkthrough Side Quest Citadel After Noveria and Feros

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1. Family Matters Talk to Either Rebekah or Micheal Petrovsky.


2. The Fourth Estate When Shepard gets off elevator from docking bay. Talk to Khalisah Al-Jilani. Answer her questions. Done.

3. Asari Diplomacy Go to Embassy Lounge. Talk to Nassana.

Go to Artemis Tau Cluster. Macedon System. Planet Sharjila. The Stronghold is north of landing zone. The Stronghold is guarded by Pirate ground troops. Kill them. Enter base. Kill everything. In back room on second floor investigate the console on desk. Return to Citadel. Talk to Nassana.


4. Planting a Bug Talk to Emily Wong in Citadel Towers.

Head to C-Sec Academy. Head to Traffic Control. On west end of C-Sec. Now Shepard has three choices. A. Go back to Emily. Charm her into thinking bad idea. B. Go back to Emily. Intimidate her in to thinking bug didn't work. C. Plant the bug. Go Back to Emily. Talk to her.


5. Privateers Talk to Garoth in Citadel Towers.

Go to Horse Head Nebula Cluster. Strenuus System. Near the planet Xawin will be an unknown area. Scan it. Ah the MSV Majesty. Scan the Majesty. Land on Planet Xawin. The Mercenary Camp is north west of landing zone. The camp is guarded by four Alliance Heavy turrets and a few troops. Enter the camp. Search the base. Kill everything. On second floor in back room, investigate the corpse. Head back to Citadel Station. Talk to Garoth.