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Max Payne Walkthrough Chapter 5:IN THE LAND OF THE BLIND

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Hear to them

Here payne jumps out of his window

Go here to the entrance at the back

Here we go

Proceed in

Kill the thugs if any.

Take the stairs

Reach the door

Open the door

You will find access to cameras

Listen to the conversations

Proceed this way.The door is locked

Take the stairs

Kill the guards coming on the stairs

Look for the door with green switchboard

Here we find radio. Switch on

Listen to the conversations

Reach this door on the other side and kill the thugs

Go here and take out the thugs

Here we go

Reach this door

You find papers on the table

Hear to the conversations

And also map on the table

Here we are

Switch on the tv on the way.

Listen to its conversations

Now move down

Kill the thugs coming out of the door

Here we shoot by jumping

Here the guards are dead

Go to this room

Kill the thugs on the stairs