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Max Payne Walkthrough Chapter 2: HIDDEN TRUTHS

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Proceed to the door

Finds papers on the table

Reads it

Then proceed forward

Shoot the bombs on the walls

Press E to rotate it

Open the door and move

Here we go

Kill the thug

Now move to the next room

Here we are

Walk slowly

You need to jump on the inclined stair

Now move to the door

Kill the thugs inside

Move the handle

Here we go

Take painkillers from med box

Move on

Move downwards

Press the button to break the wall

Kill the thug inside the room as you enter after breaking the room

Proceed to the next room

Move to the door

Here we go

Sit on the machine and press button

You need to shoot at the bombs on the way

Finally we are here

Move to the door

Keep moving

Here we go