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Max Payne Walkthrough Chapter 3:THE DEEP SIX

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Here are guards

Kill all of them.The facility is going to self destruct

Listen to the conversations

Go the door with the green screen access panel beside it

Here we go into a lift

Kill the thugs

This door is locked.You need to find someone

The person is dead and there is something on the monitor


Go to this room for weapons and meds if available

Use the code 665 by pressing E

Here we go

Proceed to the room

Look in the rooms to find someone

Here is a person locked.You can ask him for help

Here we go in lift again

He unlocks this door

Here we go

Proceed to this room

Here we are

The person unlocks the door and here we enter into the room

Here we go

Go to the room

Here we go

Press E it will take upstairs

Here we go

You find something in the laptop

Listen to the conversations

Then leave the facility as once came.Get to the lift and go up.

Here we go

Here we go to the door

Proceed to the next lift

Here we are

You can see the destruction

Go outside carefully

Here is payne coming out

Listen to the conversations