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Max Payne Walkthrough Chapter 8: PAIN AND SUFFERING

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Listen to the conversations

Kill all the thugs in the room

Kill them by jumping

Take cover and kill them

Take cover from helicopter

Kill the guards coming from the room

Here we go

Move to the room

Here we go

Kill the thug coming from the lift

Here we go

Here we go to this room

Go here to the balcony

There is way to walk at the corner

Here we go

Go to the other side

Reach the door

Kill the thug on the stairs

Look out for the one hidden.Also watch out for bombs

Here we go

Shoot the thugs.

Reach the door

Kill all the guards inside the room

Here we go

Reach to the door with green switch

Here we go

Kill the thug inside it

Reach the door

Here we go

Take stairs and come up and kill the thugs

Kill the thugs

Here we go

Move on and kill the guards on the way

Here we are

Kill all of them in the room

Here we find a hidden switch

Press it by pressing E

Here opens a door.

Through door take stairs.Look out for bombs thrown at you

Here we reach at top

Payne shoots at her

Here is helicopter

You need to shoot at the suspension thread holding the tower

Go and climb up the box

Here we go

Here we shoot with sniper

Kill all the guards coming out of the door

Here we go

Go here and aim at the thread

Here we aim and try shooting with sniper

Here we shoot

Shoot the tower with gun shooting bomb.

Here the tower falls down

The helicopter is destroyed

The helicopter falls down

Here is payne

The guards are coming

Here is payne

Listen to the conversations

"The game completes and you have unlocked Newyork minute and Hard-Boiled modes.