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Max Payne Walkthrough Chapter 9: AN EMPIRE OF EVIL

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Here is payne

Finds a piece of tore paper on the sofa

And also finds papers on the table

And also in the centre of room

Take up the stairs and move

Here we are

Kill the thugs inside the room

Look out for thugs at the top

Here is one

Here opens the door

Here is lupino

You need to kill him

After killing you will find mona

Listen to the conversations

You are dreaming and you need to find way

Move to the end of the corridor

Here we go

Here we come to his house

Take up the stairs

Walk to the end

Here comes some kind darkness

You need to walk on the red line shown and find way

Here we reach the other side

Payne moves

Finds tthe baby dead

Here is dead baby

Goes to the other room

In dream

Here is payne tied