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Max Payne Walkthrough Chapter 6: FEAR THAT GIVES MEN WINGS

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Hear the conversations

Here is payne

Proceed to room

Here is the door

Go up the stairs.

Kill all the thugs on the way

You will find this man who will help you

Take him with you

Here he opens the laundry room.

You go inside and proceed to lift.

Here we are in lift

You go up and kill the thug in the room and watch the tv

Hear the conversations by pressing E

You come out in the balcony

You need to walk on the pipes

Here we go and reach the window

We come in

"You proceed out to balcony and find again the same way.

Here we are

Kill the thug

Payne hears the conversations inside the room

Here are they.

Listen to them.

Kill the thugs and follow vinnie.

Payne finds a paper on the table.

Here is vinnie

He tries to shoot at you

Youn need to follow him

Walk on the pipes to the other side

Take the stairs and go up.

Go to this door

You shoot at vinnie

Vinnie escapes by jumping on the train

You too jump when the next train comes.