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Max Payne Walkthrough Chapter 2: LIVE FROM THE CRIME SCENE.

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Kill the cleaners.

Look for the door.


Here is the door.

As you enter the door kill all the cleaners.

Move down the stairs.

Watch out.

Walk in the tunnel to other end.

Kill all the cleaners by using RMB & LMB

Killers are dead.

Go to the staris.

Kill the cleaners.

Walk down the tunnel

Walk through these tunnel

Here we go.

Kill them all

Open the door by pressing E near the machine .

Kill all those men.

Press the button infront of the computer.

Lift the phone.

Go to vault A and collect the detonator.

Go to vault C and look for any items like guns,meds.

AESIR corporation papers.

Press E after moving near to the table

Now go to vault B

Look out for the tunnel.

Kill all the cleaners and move up.

Go to the room ahead of you and press E then move away from it.

The door gets blasted.

Walk through it.

Go to this compartment and You will find the pain killers.

Payne finds Alex.

But someone kills alex from behind

Alex is dead.

Look out for the thugs.

Kill them all.

Walk through that stairs.

You are out of station.