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Max Payne Walkthrough Chapter 1: ROSCOE STREET STATION

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Hear the conversations.

Payne comes out of train to meet his partner Alex

Finds a lot of blood in the toilets

Comes out and finds two cleaners to kill people

Press RMB and now aim at them and press LMB.

The cleaner is dead.

Take the stairs and go up.

Payne finds more cleaners.

Kill them both.

Go ahead to the other side and find stairs.

Kill the cleaner.

Look out for cleaners

After killing them go to the room ahead.

Kill all the cleaners.

Look out for the way.

Kill the cleaners on the track.

Go to the room and kill them.

Payne asks the officer for control room.

Officer takes Payne to the room.

Take out the cleaners inside the room.

Press the button ahead of you by pressing E.

It shows the cameras.

Now you need to get to that train.

Here we are.

Get inside the train.

Press E to move the train.

The train makes way for payne by crashing the wood.

Get out of the train

Go in the tunnel.

Kill the cleaners by pressing LMB and RMB.

Cleaners are dead

Take the stairs.