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Max Payne Walkthrough Chapter 3: PLAYING IT BOGART

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Listen to the conversations.

Here we are.

You go to hotel.

Kill the men in room.

Here the man dies.

Get to the table and press E.

Kill the guards entering the room.

Movedown the stairs

Walk through that room.

Kill all the men inside the room.

Go to this room

Kill all the men

You can side jump to kill thugs.

Here dies the thug.

Take up the paper on the table by pressing E

Look for the broken window

Walk to the other side

You wont be able open the door

Go to same place youcame from.

Kill all the thugs entering from the door

All thugs are dead.

Switch on the tv in one of the room

Hear the conversations.

Go to the starting place and look for the radio.

After that go to these room.

Shoot the container.

Killthe convicts.

Move down through the hole.

Walk infront of room

Payne finds diary on the table.

Listen to the conversations.

Kill all the thugs

Find the lift and enter it.Press E button.