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Max Payne Walkthrough Chapter 7: POLICE BRUTALITY

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Listen to the conversations

Here is payne on the train

Here payne jumps from train to follow vinnie

Here we are.

Look out for killers.

Kill them and later walk on the pipes

Here we are

Proceed this way

Here goes vinnie

Kill all the killers and move on.

Go to the door and open it.

You will find killers shooting at you.You need to kill them.Look out for bombs they may throw at you.

Later on move forward. You find vinnie taking elevator

Here we are.

Kill the thugs inside

Take the elevator and press E button on the panel.

Go up by using elevator

Here we are

Walk towards the room

Kill the hidden thug.

Also kill here

Here he is shot

Walk to the end

Break the glass and go inside

Kill all the thugs and go to the door.

Here we are

Proceed down the stairs.

Here we are now in a room

Listen to the conversations on the tv

Here they are

Go to the room and watch out for thuhs

Kill everyone of them

Here we are

Go to the door

Open the door and come outside on the balcony

You can see vinnie

Here we are

Shoot at the thugs present down there and at vinnie

Aim the weapon at vinnie and shoot

You can use slow motion shoot by pressing LMB

Here is vinnie getting shot

Vinnie is dead. Listen to the conversations.