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Max Payne Walkthrough Chapter 8: RAGNA ROCK

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Hear the converstaions

Here we are at the ragna rock bar

Here is payne.

Proceed to the counter

Here you find a diary

Listen to conversations

Proceed to the door

Kill the thugs inside the room

Move on to the door

Here we are

Kill all the shooters in the room

Here you can do shooting by jumping by pressing LMB and RMB and arrow mark buttons

All of them are dead

You find something

Switch on the tv to listen to the conversations

Here are the conversations

Proceed to this door

Kill the thugs present inside

Go this way

Take the stairs and move up

Kill all the thugs and go to the table

Move towards the corridor

Kill the thug

Take the stairs and go up

Move to this door

You need to walk on that beam

Here we go

Kill if any thugs are present at bottom

Here we go

Be cautious and walk slowly to the other side where you will find a door

Here we are

Walk on these too

Or else you can walk to the sides and reach to the door

Here we go

Take the stairs and go down

Kill the thugs present down

Here is the switching panel to move the walls to go to the other side

Here we go

Now move to the other side

Take the stairs

Kill the thugs on the way

walk on the wood logs carefully

Reach the door and open it