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Medal Of Honor Warfighter Walkthrough Mission #11 - Old Friends

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Using the information found on Hassan's laptop, your team manages to pin the sales of PETN to a Gunrunner known by Dusty. You will have to follow your teammates on the streets of Sarajevo.

Watch out for the marked areas on the roads, stepping on them will trigger an explosive that will hurt or even kill you.

Follow your teammates inside the building at the end of the street.

Once you're inside the building, take out the snipers that are camping in the building across the courtyard and then take care of the remaining enemies in the courtyard.

After taking out the snipers, go downstairs and fight your way to the building across the courtyard.

After breaching inside the UN Building, fight your way through it.

Once you've taken out all the enemies inside the UN Building, head to the Hotel.

Right before entering the Hotel, you will have to provide assistance to your teammates down on the street.

After providing assistance for your teammates, enter inside the Hotel and fight against the large group of enemies that are heading towards you.

Once you've dealt with the enemies inside the hotel, follow your teammates to the ice rink.

After entering the ice rink, the smoke machine will be launched making it harder to spot the enemies. Try to stick to the right side as much as you can to avoid the smoke.

After taking out the enemies on the ice rink, a cutscene will start playing, which reveals the gunrunner's identity. He turns out to be Bosic. You and your team will have to exit the ice rink and start chasing him.

You will have to chase Bosic through the woods as well.

After catching up with him, he will attempt to escape in his SUV but your team will disable his car and capture him. He will be forced to tell you where's the missing PETN being shipped. This will be the end of the mission.