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Medal Of Honor Warfighter Walkthrough Mission #10 - Hello and Dubai

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The mission will start off with a cutscene of Preacher waiting in a parking garage. After a short amount of time, Mother will appear with Hassan who's incapacitated, he will throw him in the car's trunk and both of you will exit the parking garage. This i

Shortly after starting the mission, you will notice one of Hassan's security men that will start following you.

Later, an uplink connection will be established and Mother will start transmitting data from Hassan's laptop to Dusty. Keep driving until the data transfer is over.

After exiting the Freeway, you will enter a Residential Area with Hassan's men all over the place looking for you. You will have to exit the Residential Area without being seen by them, use the hiding spots that appear on the mini-map as a blue dot to avoid being seen.

After successfully escaping the Residential Area without being seen, head to the parking garage to swap your car with another one.

However, your attempt to change the car will be unsuccessful, Hassan's men will find you right before swapping the cars. You will have to keep the same car and find another way out of the parking garage.

Once you've left the parking garage, head to the secondary extraction point through the sandstorm on the Freeway.

Lose Hassan's men in the sandstorm and proceed to the extraction point.

However, on your way to the extraction point, you will get hit by Hassan's Chief of Security, who turns out to be Sad Al Din.

After the car crash, Sad Al Din will capture Preacher (you) and Mother. That will be the end of the mission.