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Medal Of Honor Warfighter Walkthrough Mission #9 - Connect the Dots

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You will start the mission in a helicopter on your way to assault a fortress suspected to be full of terrorists and have a big storage of PETN.

After reaching to the first village, take out the enemies on the rooftops and defend your teammates that are on the ground level.

Once you've cleaned the first village, you will be heading to the second one.

After landing in the second village, fight your way through it and head inside the hidden shoot houses.

Fight your way through the Training Camp.

Once you've took out all the enemies inside the Training Camp, head outside and enter the cave system located on the right side.

Once you're inside, shoot down the generator.

Take out the enemies inside the cave system.

After a long fight through the cave system, you will finally stumble upon PETN cache at the end of the cave.

After finding the PETN cache, a helicopter will extract you and your team as an A-10 Thunderbolt II will be called in to destroy the cache. This will be the end of the mission.