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Medal Of Honor Warfighter Walkthrough Mission #6 - Rip Current

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Follow your teammates through the flooded building.

Take out the enemies inside the builiding.

Take out the rest of the enemies on the flooded streets.

Breach the door at the end of the street and follow your teammates inside the building.

Once you're inside, use your LTLM to mark the building across the street.

After marking the building, you will take control of a helicopter with a mounted minigun for a short amount. You will have to clean the streets of the incoming enemies.

After using the helicopter to clean the streets, follow your teammates outside and head to the Capitol Building.

Once you've reached the Capitol Building, head inside through the window.

Take out the enemies on the hallway.

After dealing with the enemies, breach the wall at the end of the hallway and make your way in the main room.

There are going to be a lot of enemies in the main room, take cover as much as you can and avoid staying in an open area for too long.

After dealing with the enemies on the first floor, move upstairs on the second floor and take out the MMG crew.

Once you've killed the MMG crew, you will have to breach the main door on the second level.

Take out the enemies inside and rescure the hostages.

After rescuring the hostages, you will have to get inside the boat and head to the extraction point.

You will have to hurry to the extraction point before the hostages die. There will be a health bar up in the right corner, showing the hostage's health.

Once you've reached the extraction point, a helicopter will pick up your boat and get you out of there. This will be the end of the mission