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Medal Of Honor Warfighter Walkthrough Mission #2 - Through the Eyes of Evil

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You will start off the mission on a training groud, playing as an OGA operative named Argyrus.

Head to the next room through the hallway.

Once you've reached the shooting range, start shooting at the Dummy Targets and throw a grenade at them afterwards. Once you're done, head to the next training room, where you'll encounter two targets and a machine gun that is shooting at you. You must use your lean function and take out the targets in order to finish the challenge.

After completing the challenge in the second room, head through the destroyed plane, where you'll encounter targets (red) and non-targets (blue). Shooting the non-targets will penalize you.

Once you've shoot all the targets in the destroyed plane, head to the next room where you will have to breach a door.

After finishing the training course, you can replay it and get a better time or continue the fight, which will bring the mission to an end.