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Medal Of Honor Warfighter Walkthrough Mission #3 - Shore Leave

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The mission will start off near the shores of Mogadishu. You will have to assault the enemies located on the shore.

Once you've took out all the enemies on the land, follow your teammates inside the building.

You will have to breach a door on the second floor.

After taking out the enemies inside the room, equip your LTLM laser and mark the building close by and launch an artillery strike on it to take out the snipers inside it.

Once you've dealt with the enemy snipers, follow Sgt. Wright inside the ruins of the building to investigate it.

At some point you will take control of a MUSA Unmanned Ground Vehicle and will have to proceed further through the ruins of the building and take out all the enemies remaining.

Exit the building once you've dealt with the enemies inside and head to your teammates and start providing back-up fire for them.

The MUSA Unmanned Ground Vehicle will get hit by a RPG rocket shortly after meeting up with the rest of the teammates, leaving you and your teammates enough time to escape the enemies and head through the destroyed building.

After going through the destroyed building, you will have to make your way through the streets full of enemies

Once you've made your way through the streets, enter the last building and follow Voodoo upstairs.

Once you're upstairs, you will have to pick up a sniper rifle and kill the enemies that are wielding RPGs and help out the friendly AH-6 Little Bird annihilate the rest of them. This will be the end of the mission