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Medal Of Honor Warfighter Walkthrough Mission #5 - Changing Tides

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You will start off the mission in a forest near the city.

Follow Mother through the village towards the city and try to keep a low profile so you won't get spotted by enemies.

After making your way through the village and finally reaching the city, you will have to mark the building where the enemy snipers are hiding.

Once you've dealt with the snipers inside the building, follow Mother inside the city and fight your way to the Hotel.

After dealing with the rest of the enemies, enter inside the building and breach the door.

After breaching the door and dealing with the remaining enemies inside the hotel room, exit the hotel through the other side and follow Mother through the flooded city.

You will have to fight your way to the Mayor's office.

Once you've cleaned your path to the hotel, breach the door and head to the Isabela Hotel's rooftop.

However, after breaching the door, the apartament will collapse.

After the apartament's collapse, keep heading to the Hotel's rooftop.

Once you're inside the hotel, head upstairs and meet with the rest of the team on the rooftop.

The mission will end shortly after arriving on the rooftop.