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Medal Of Honor Warfighter Walkthrough Mission #12 - Bump in the Night

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After capturing Preacher and Mother in Dubai, Sad Al-Din will interrogate them asking who they are working with.

However, Mother will refuse to answer his question and will reply with "Your mother" in Arabic. Sad Al-Din will execute Mother by shooting him in the head, then he is going to tell his men to interrogate Preacher.

Once the cutscene is over, Stump and the rest of the team will jump out of the Blackhawk on the ship.

You will have to fight your way to the bridge of the ship.

Once you've reached the bridge of the ship, you will see Preacher lying on the floor after fighting Sad Al-Din.

The game will skip one hour backward and you will be playing from Preacher's perspective.

After taking out the interrogator, you will have to find a weapon.

Once you've found a weapon, head to the engine room.

Once you're inside the engine room, shut the engine down and get to the top deck.

After reaching the top deck, you will notice Sad Al-Din heading to the bridge. You will have to chase him down.

Once you've catched up with him in the bridge of the ship, a cutscene will start playing showing Preacher almost beating Sad Al-Din to death.

After the fight's over, Voodoo will breach the door and notice Preacher lying on the ground. He will order the rest of the team to arrest Sad Al-Din and extract Preacher (you) to a safe point.

This will be the end of the mission.