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Medal Of Honor Warfighter Walkthrough Mission #13 - Shut it Down

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After finding out from Sad Al-Din that Hassan is actually The Cleric and that he's hiding in a compound in Pakistan, TF (Task Force) Mako and Blackbird will jump out of a plane near the compound where The Cleric is hiding.

Once you've landed, follow Voodoo to The Cleric's palace without alerting any guards.

After reaching the compound, shoot down the guard in front of the main entrance and enter the compound.

Once you're inside the compound, shoot down the fuse box to turn off the lights in the entire area. And follow your teammates inside the first building.

Take out the enemies inside the building.

Clean the courtyard of any enemies remaining and then exit the building.

After exiting the building, head to the farm and search for the Cleric.

After looking for the Cleric inside the farm with no results, the rest of the team will ask Preacher (you) and Voodoo for support.

Once you've regrouped with the rest of the team, you will have to use a robot to take out the large enemy forces.

After taking care of the large group of enemies, follow Voodoo to the Ceric's actual hiding spot. Be careful though, the courtyard in front of the compound is full of enemies.

After making it to the compound, you will have to go prone in order to avoid the flames and the black smoke.

After making it to the door and breaching it, you will notice the Cleric carrying a bomb on his back on an suicide attempt to kill himself, Preacher and Voodoo.

You will have to shoot him in the head before detonating the bomb. Then, Preacher and Voodoo will get out of there and head to the extraction point where the rest of the team will be. This is going to be the end of the final mission.

The mission will be followed by a cutscene showing Mother's funeral. His coffin has got the SEALs symbol on it. Preacher and his family will join the funeral as well. This is going to be the ending of the game.

That was my Medal Of Honor Warfighter Walkthrough, I hope you found it helpful.