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Minecraft Walkthrough The Nether

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The only thing in the nether you should be wary of is lava. Lava in the Nether is as common as water in the Minecraft world. Find a Nether Fortress, distinguishable by its purple bricks.

Your bow is useful here, use it to kill the jellyfish that launch missiles at you.

These guys are friendly. No need to attack them. They drop Cooked Porkchops however, but they put up quite a fight.

Found my fortress!

Just dig into it, be careful of digging straight down.

A long hallway. It can only lead to monsters.

These guys chased me all the way from the end! They're vital for your purpose, so kill them!

They drop 'Blaze Rods'.

Put the 'Blaze Rod's into your crafting inventory for Blaze Powder. Head back to the real world before you get killed in here.

Blaze Powder + Ender Pearl = Eye of Ender.