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Minecraft Walkthrough Now, let's head back to the house with our loot.

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Remember about placing blocks under you as you jump. This makes you gain altitude.

To use the water as an elevator, just press SPACE in water. You can stay on the side so you don't run out of oxygen.

Place the chest acquired from the dungeon right next to the old chest to create this Huge Chest.

If you have some String, you can create a bow with this formula. Use arrows caught from dead skeletons.

As depicted, smelting diamonds won't work.

Diamond pickaxe! This can harvest any mineral in the game.

434401652, this is the actual seed generated.

Now let's make some boots.

The full view. Now you're ready to start the ENDGAME.

Try testing out your bow. You'll need it for the boss. Right click with the bow to start firing. Hold it down until you're zoomed in all the way and release. Kills in maximum of 3 hits.

Arrows, once fired, can be collected just by walking up to where they dropped.