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Minecraft Walkthrough Finding the End.

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Before you can beat the game, it is necessary to kill enough Endermen to get Ender Pearls. Combine the Pearls into Eyes with your Blaze Powder. In this picture, I have managed to kill enough Endermen.

When low on food, Rotten Flesh is the only thing you can eat....

Once outside, right click an Eye of Ender. It'll launch itself in a direction, then either drop or shatter. Follow it and keep launching it into the sky until it goes underground.

It stopped here! This is where I'll find the End Boss. Save your Eyes now.

It's time to dig down now.

They're leading me straight down now.

It's here! Be careful of the little monsters down here.

Their monster spawner is right next to the portal.

To finish the portal, right click all of the squares with Eyes of Ender. They'll fill up, spawning a portal which you must jump to.