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Mini Ninjas Walkthrough Level 2b - A Distress Signal

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Firstly, just get to the water and go through the path at the wrecked boat.

To stay stealh. Duck and walk through the bushes.

It's safe to kill while hiding.

Dead end? No. Turn right and look up.

You can climb.

Here, do wall run.

Do it again.

But, to pass them. You've to fight.

Through here...

Shun is very important in this game. His arrow is very effective against spearmen and ranged samurais.

To make your life easier, just jump down from here.

Save the game and continue.

To avoid enemies, be stealth and go up.

Through here...

Jump to the water from here.

Go to the middle island (connecting between two bridges) and save your game there.

Now, there's no other way unless you clear this area.

To kill this enemy, attack his power orb that chasing you. Once you hit it, the orb will go back and stun the enemy. Now it's your chance to kill him before he returns to normal.

When the area cleared, open this door. [END OF LEVEL]