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Mini Ninjas Walkthrough Level 1b - Leaving Home

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Follow the road ahead.

New task for you.

The enemies are at the other side. You can cross it via water or burned brigde.

Clear this area.

Get back to the bird.

Now, you've to cross back the bridge and continue the journey.

Again, clear this area too.

Go heal yourself before going to another area.

To saves your life, use the Spirit Form spell and enter the bear. Clear this area.

Remember to save the game.

Keep going...

Break free Suzume and she'll join you. The second unlockable character.

To help this bird, go talk to him and go up the stairs to the temple. The flower can be found when you climb the stairs. Or you can just leave him behind.

Be careful when crossing the bridge. Use the ninja hat to protect yourself. Break this barrel to get shuriken.

Also, the spearmen is hard to kill. Use the shuriken you get before.

Saves the animals and keep going. Clear this final area.

Open this door to end the level. [END OF LEVEL]