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Mini Ninjas Walkthrough Tips & Tricks

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This page will show you the tips and tricks for Mini Ninjas that you should know before playing the game. You'll get the extra items/spells/level more easily if follow it.

#1 - Stealth or rage kills? Well, be a stealth ninja can saves your life but be more aggresive for kills can make you gain more experince. Each kills give you exp points while stealth is just leaving the enemies behind. So, no exp for you if you do that.

#2 - Always wait for the exp droplets. It'll appear once the enemy's body fully dissapeared. So everytime the area cleared, go back and find the exp bubbles.

#3 - The spirit form spell is useless. No, you're wrong. It's the most important spell if you really want to get all the extra items like the statue, plants, etc. Once you merge with animals, you can easily see those items.

#4 - Save your money for recipes. Especially recipe that can heal you. Not all places/areas have Cherry or Apple tree. See #5.

#5 - Break these things and similar objects. You can get lots of weapons / bomb which usually you don't have time to use it due to lack of items/spells keys which the game combined both to a single key. Bad idea.

#6 - Do not save you power attack. Just use it when outnumbered. Usually, some power attack bubble will drop from any of them.

#7 - Saves the animals. Gain more experience.