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Mini Ninjas Walkthrough Level 1a - Ninja Mountain

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The game starts with the main character Hiro. In this level, you'll be taught to play this game. Go outside and continue the tutorial

This ninja hat is very important to block arrows and use it as a boat.

Press "Meditate" key. It will show you the right way.

Cross this bridge.

Take left.

Finish your training.

After the training, follow this apple trail.

Remember to save.

Jump up.

There's a small gap there. Jump through it!

Meet Hiro's best friend, Futo.

Now change to Futo, talk to the bird and complete the training.

After that, meditate and follow the path. Starting from now, don't think you're always safe. Always be prepared.

Now, it's time for Hiro to learn new spells.

Follow the firefiles. It will lead the way.

This is the correct path.

The problem is not finding the secret shrine, but the major problem is finding this flower.

Go back to the bridge and find the flower here.

Good, new spell. This is your first main spell.

Now a bird will teach you how to use it.

Now, you've to go back to the village. The easiest and quickest way is via water. Jump to the water.

Use the hat and move forward.

Again, after fight. Go through here...

Meditate and continue your journey.

Remember to save.

To go down, go through here.

First encounted enemies. Go Hiro.

Carefully when jumping down. If you fell, just press jump.

Here, the ninja hat will be useful.

Go near the gate to end this level. [END OF LEVEL]