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Mirror's Edge Walkthrough Chapter 1 - Flight

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At the start of the chapter is a short scene about Faith's sister. After the cut-scene, head to the left, the jump right to the roof with the fans. Walk along the duct to make it to the top of the small roof, then jump to the roof across the way. Use the red pipe to Vault over the High Voltage fence. This is a long jump. Make sure you're running at top speed to clear the gap.

Enemies will fire from the left hand side. Stick to the ride to dodge their attacks.

Outside, a helicopter with a machine gun will be chasing you for the next few segments Head left as far as possible, then jump over the rail and slide down the side of the roof. Use the momentum to jump and roll to the next roof.

The stairs will be to the left. It's possible to run by while escaping the Blues.

Remember to use the roll move to land safely.

Straight a head, a large number of Blues will charge out of an elevator on the other side of the hall. Avoid them by moving to the right, climb the two fences then use the elevator before they realize you're now behind them.

After arriving on the CEC floor, move along and through the red door to the outside. Drop down the first ledge, wall run over the gap, then kick down the next red door.

There is only one enemy guarding this area. Hop the rail and head for the plaza below.

Use the zipline to escape the pursuit and complete the mission.