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Mirror's Edge Walkthrough Chapter 4 - Ropeburn

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Run jump off the yellow catwalk to make it the other roof. You'll then need to move a little to the right, and jump to the pipes on the first building. Head straight and jump-roll to the roof below, loop around to the adjacent end, and jump to the red pipe on the first building.

This switch will turn off the electricity, making the fences safe to climb.

Climb the pipe and use the button to the right to turn off the fence. Climb over the fence ahead and use the red mat and planks to make it to the next roof.

Use the ramp to the left to coil-jump over the next barbed wire fence, then roll-jump over the gap to the door below. Enter to the door to a building under construction.

At first glance it may seem as if you've run to a dead end. Move to the left of where you entered and there will be a slim passage. Climb up to the valave above and turn off the steam. You can run jump off ledges onto objects below to reach new areas.

After the scene with Burfield, jump off the plank you're standing on to spring off the mat to reach the next plank. Keep moving forward up the stairs and through the door. Use the door to get inside the previous building.

The eneterance to the next area is through the elevator shaft. If you're fast enough, you can even run by the enemies and get inside.

You'll need to wall run into the corner and then jump to the bar to the right.

If you're having trouble getting on top of the scaffolding, Climb the stairwell and make a run jump.

The exit is too guarded to pass. You'll have to instead move futher into the subway station.

Buttons that open gates will be located on center pillars. Use the objects around the station to block gunfire. When you reach the end of the station, move right into the tracks.

The door to the right is out of order but can be opened in the janitor's office. Move to the stairs with the red bar hanging over it, turn around to face the opposite wall. Wallclimb, turn around quickly, and then jump and swing to the catwalk.

There will be doorways and other passages you can use to dodge oncoming trains.

There will be a red door on the left about half way through the tunnel, smash it down, and run up the stairs to complete the chapter.