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Mirror's Edge Walkthrough Chapter 3 - Heat

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There are ledges just below the red pipes. If you miss the jump, you can just climb up the lower pipe. Pressign the switch will activate the boxes on the rail.

To get by the barbed wire fence, you'll have to jump to the duct, then jump back to the building.

Move up the ramp and onto the ducts to safely clear the barbed fence ahead. Climb on top of the large air conditioner, and then grab the ledge sticking out of the duct.

You'll have to head up into tight spots to make it through.

Grab the handgun off the desk, then leave the office. Mercury will mention the silent alarm, but there is still a little time before blues swarm the area. The goal is to move to the top of the step-like fountain. Move quickly, as guards will appear shortly.

Shoot or kick down the windows to the right, then swing across with the red bars in front. Move left to avoid the blues coming from the right, then grab the ledge to the right, turn and jump over the rails on the other side.

Enemies will charge out from the sides. For now, it's best to just run by them.

Use the pipes to safely get to the bottom fo the shaft.

Move over the yellow catwalk to avoid barbed wire fences and enemy attacks.

It's best to take out enemies one at a time. Guns dropped by the Blues can make things easier.

The goal is to make it to the top of the cranes. Wallrunning and other quick actions will be necessary. Near the top is a short plank; use it to get as far as possible, then wall run the rest of the way.

Carefully climb to the top the red crane and run jump on to the hanging red planks. The planks should move a little, but once they stop, run jump off of them on to the large red mat. After almost giving Mercury a heart attack, go through the red door and the chapter will be finished.