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Mirror's Edge Walkthrough Chapter 6 - Pirandello Kruger

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Move into the construction area and locate the column that has no support beam above it. Wall climb up this column to the next level and move left to the exterior stairs.

Use the wooden planks to jump to the air ducts, and ride the zipline down to the safety mat below. Drop down to the roof on the right, then climb behind the fence.

Jump off the walls to reach the catwalk above.

Inside the warehouse, climb the stacks of boxes ahead, and jump to the stairs behind you. Head up the stairs and face the left wall. Climb the wall, and wall jump off to reach the catwalk behind you.

Jump on top of the platform and it will collapse, crashing down to the bottom floor. This will break your fall, but you'll still take minor damage.

From the warehouse entrance, you'll want to move up to the catwalk in the far left hand corner, and jump on top of the duct.

The steam will hurt you, so pass by it quickly.

From the entrance, move right, then left, and down the stairs. Move left and over the fence to an area with several shelves stacked with crates. Use the crates as stairs and climb to the top of the shelf.

Run down the hall and use the elevator to the next floor. Move straight down the hall, through the two doors and passed the window. Move diagonally forward-right, jump across the plank and ascend the stairs to the next floor.

Move forward-right to the planks over looking the train tracks below. When the train passes, jump on top to complete the chapter. Be careful when jumping, as the fall from missing the train is fatal. However, if you wait too long the Blues will swarm you. When on the train, the mission will be completed.