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Mirror's Edge Walkthrough Chapter 7 - The Boat

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Move forward and slide under the air-conditioners. Climb on top of the generators to the right, and vault over the barbed wire fence onto the blue catwalk.

Jump and climb the pipe, jump left onto the duct, and jump to the second duct behind you. Run forward along the duct, slide under the two barriers, and move right to a ladder. Head down this ladder to reach another section of the hold.

When the coast is clear, move to the left of where you entered, and pass through the door by turning the red wheel. Move right through the next door, continue down the hall, and left through the hole.

Continue right, climb on top of the duct. Jump to the bar hanging behind you, enter the duct ahead and slide down to the next room.

Climb the stairs, jump up, cling to the left wall, and shimmy left around the corner. Jump to the catwalk behind you, jump right on top of the duct, and jump onto the second duct above.

Spin around to face the opposite direction, wall run forward, and wall jump to the duct to the left. Continue right, punch out the grate, and roll down to the next floor.

The Mystery Runner from the mall is on the opposite end of the deck and is wielding a powerful sniper rifle. You'll need to find cover behind any obstacles to block her shots as she can kill you in two hits.

When you arrive at the boat's exit take the ripline to the harbor, climb the building ahead, and jump over the barbed wire fence. When you see the Mystery Runner, use the same tactics as before of punching her until she is stunned. Disarm her when her gun becomes red to complete the Chapter.