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Mirror's Edge Walkthrough Mission 9 - The Shard

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Climb up this wall and walk across the pipes on the left side. Continue left along the blue pipe to enter a small alcove with ledges to the left and right. Turn left again, jump over the gap, and continue right into the next area. Drake Miller will come to your aid. He'll be acting as your guide from now on.

After killing all the snipers on the rooftop, make your way to the elevator. There is no button to summon the elevator, but eventually Miller will call up and activate it for you. Ride the elevator to reach the server room.

In the server room will be four server banks separated into glass boxes. Despite what Miller says, you don't need to destroy the servers yourself. With the amount of enemies around, the Blues will most likely destroy the computers for you. If you want to do it yourself, punch out the glass and destroy one server per bank you don't have to take all of them out.

Make your way to the roof and a cut-scene will play where Jacknife and Kate take off in a helicopter and several Blues will appear behind you. Ignore the enemies, jump off the tarmac, and grab on the helicopter's rails to complete Mirror's Edge.