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Outlast DLC : Whistleblower Walkthrough Drying Ground

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After climbing out the window jump down until you get to the ground. You'll notice another area that's fenced up.

Head for the right side of the fence and you'll find a gate. Open it and climb down the stairs.

Downstairs you'll find a tear in the fence. Climb over and go towards the right, you'll find another tear in the fence. Crouch down and get through it then climb up the stairs.

After climbing you'll find yourself with three choices. In front of you there's a large building. To the right there's an electric current running through the fence, that place is your target location and we need to shut off the power. First head inside the building and grab the folder inside.

After taking the folder head for the path on the left side.

As soon as you pass the gate turn right and you'll find a dead guard. There's a battery on the ground near him. Take it then turn around and head for the opposite direction.

You'll find an open gate there. Turn right then head down the stairs and you'll see a light coming out from an open door. Follow the path and turn left at the corner.

You'll find the breaker at the end of that corridor. Flip it then make your way back to the electric fence that you couldn't touch earlier.

When you try to get near the fence you'll hear someone laughing and also you'll notice that the fence has been turned on again. Make your way back to the breaker.

After flipping the breaker a second time, this guy will appear behind you and attack you. quickly run back above ground and to the electric fence.

To the right side of the electric fence there's a door. This is the one you're gonna use to get inside.

Turn left as you enter the gate and go around the first corner you'll see a dor that's ajar. Open it and get inside the building.

Inside the building take the left path and make your way to the door at the end of the corridor.

In the next are you'll have to make your way to the end again and use the door to get back outside.

Outside you won't have much of a choice so jump down the water and make your way towards the light.

There's a ladder near the spot light so make your way there. The light will shut off once you get close enough, make sure to remember the location of the ladder before it shuts off and climb up the ladder.

From there turn left and enter the gate. On the first brancing path take the path to the right and you'll find a tear in the fence. Crouch down and crawl to it then enter the through the door.

Inside there's a staircase on the right side. Make your way up and jump the gaps when necessary. You'll find a red ladder at the top most platform. Climb the ladder once you get there.

Turn left and keep walking until you find a window that's open and climb through it.

Now turn right and follow tha path. You'll see that there's nowhere for you to go and you'll have to jump towards the other side. You will of course fall.