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Outlast DLC : Whistleblower Walkthrough Hospital

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As soon as Waylon gets back to he'll try to get up and the lights will shut down soon afterwards. You'll also notice that people will start screaming from the cells beside you.

"Once you gain control of Waylon go forward and you'll see a camera that's directly in front of you. Grab it and night vision will automatically be activated.

As soon as you grab the camera you'll notice that the people on either sides of your cell have been killed gruesomely.

Wait for a patient to enter the area, he'll be talking about how you think you're safe. Just wait for him to get to the controls and he'll open the door for you.

First off head inside the room on the far left end of the area (the one near the terminal) and grab the battery on top of the medication table on the right side of the room, near the door.

Now head out the door on the far right end of the area, ignore the room near it since it's empty and would take some batteries to explore, don't worry about the patient he isn't hostile.

In the next area ignore the door on the left side. It's the toilets and it's empty. Instead head on over the door on the opposite side of the one you just went through.

As you enter through the door turn left and continue walking towards the opposite end until you notice your vision getting dark and blurry.

Once it does quickly run away from the black smoke and run back to the room where you were confined in. The door will be locked but the smoke will disappear soon after you try to open the door.

Now go back to where the black smoke appeared and head for the end of the corridor. At the left side you'll notice that there's a patient and a tear in the plastic wall beside him. Go through the tear and into the door on the left side.

You'll be trapped in the room along with some patients. They're not hostile and will talk to you. You'll piss them off and the leader will tell you to get out of his sight.

After the cutscene the guy on the right side of the table will get out of your way and you'll be able to exit through the door on the right side of him.

Look towards your left immediately after leaving the room you'll see a patient sitting on a chair. Be careful of this guy he's the first hostile patient that you'll come across. He'll begin to chase you as soon as you get close to him.

Run towards the end of the hall as soon as he starts talking and enter the door on the right side.

Inside the next room go past the blockage and turn right, you'll see another patient at the opposite side of the room and slightly open door on the right side of him. Head for the door and it will automatically close behind you.

Inside the room the doors are blocked and you also can't exit through the way you came. Turn to the right and you'll notice that there's an open vent.

Climb up the counter top and use that as leverage to reach the vent.

Make your way through the vent and you'll hear some guards talking below you, you'll receive your next objective after that. Now keep following the path until you get to the exit.

In the next room there's a patient but he's not hostile. Turn left and you'll see that there's a door but it's blocked by a metal cabinet. Get close to the cabinet and push it out of the way so you can access the door.

After leaving the room turn to the right and walk past the corner then through the door. The black smoke will walk past you but don't worry he isn't going to attack you.

Turn left and keep walking, you'll notice that there's a security door that's locked on the left side. Remember this door it will help later. Now go towards the door at the end of the corridor.

Turn left again and follow the path of carnage. Turn left at the end of the hallway and you'll notice that there's an open door.

Inside the room you'll find a patient who's pretending to be a doctor. He'll as you to press the button on top of the table to open the security door. Regardless of whether you want to or not, you'll have to press the button to proceed.

Head back out the room through the door you used to get inside. Turn left and you'll notice that the black smoke is back.

Quickly run to the left and back to the locked security door, it's open now. Head inside it and you'll be safe.

Head out the open side of the area and keep walking forward until a doctor comes and runs away from you. Follow him.

First head into the open door on the right side and grab the folder that's on the floor.

Now on the left side of the room behind the metal cylinders, turn on your night vision and you'll see a battery. Grab it and turn around.

You'll notice that there's some crates behind there. Climb up the large crate and use the ledge to get on top of the wooden path on top of the canopy.

Follow the woode path and fall down the ledge to get beyond the broken security door.

Once you drop down from the ceiling you'll end up at a long corridor. Keep walking and enter the first open door on the left side.

Inside you'll find an open door and a dead doctor on a bed, well half on bed. Go behind the bed and grab the battery before heading through the door.

Now keep going forward and enter the door on the left.

Turn left and you'll find another open door that you can use.

Inside the kitchen there's 2 doors. Enter through the on the left side.

Open the door in the area and you'll get to the cafeteria. You'll have to make your way through the tables. Don't worry about the patient he won't attack you yet.

Unfortunately the first door you'll come across inside the cafeteria is locked. You'll have to get near this guy to get to the other door on the far end of the cafeteria. He won't attack you but he's scary as hell.

Head out through the open door in the cafeteria and you'll get to a dark room. Go forward, then turn left and you'll see an open door at the left wall.

Follow the path and you'll get to the locker room.

Inside the locker room take the path on the left and you'll find a radio on the ground. Grab the battery that's beside it. Now make your way to the other end to exit the locker room.

In the next area you'll hear some security guards talking again and you'll notice that there's a dead body cuffed on the door. The cuffs are keeping you from opening the door and you'll obtain another objective.

Directly in front of the dead guy there's a table in front of another door. Climb up the table and use it to get to the other side of the door.

Make your way past the bed and start walking quietly.

Once you get near the door you'll hear some buzzing sound. The guy with an electronic saw is here and he's hostile.

Follow the hostile patient towards the corner but tread lightly he's pretty quick to notice you for some reason, even more so than any enemy in the game. If he does catch you though you can either make a break for it or run back towards the locked door to shake him off.

Make your way through the first and second tear in the plastic walls. Don't open the first door on the right, the patient is most likely inside it. If you're a little nervous that he'll catch you then hide behind the bed first and wait for him to go away.

Open the second door on the right side of the corridor beside the bed and close it behind you just in case. Do the same in the next room.

You'll end up in a storage area, look to the right as soon as you enter the door and you'll notice a table. Climb on top of the table and jump towards the wall to get through the hole on it.

Once you drop down from the hole you'll be safe. Enter the door on the left side of the patient, he isn't hostile.

You'll find a dead guard at the next corridor near the door. Grab the key from him and enter the door.

Inside the office you'll see a door at the opposite end of the room. You'll also see a patient knocking down the door. Make your way to the door and grab the folder on top of the table directly in front of the newly opened door.

"Outside the door you'll notice that you're back to the corridor where the patient with a saw is hanging around. You can either make a break for the exit or carefully walk around to avoid detection.

Once you get back to the door with the handcuffs, use the key to finally open the door.