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Outlast DLC : Whistleblower Walkthrough The Laboratory

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Keep walking forward and head down the stairs to get to the lower level.

Ignore the door on the left, instead keep on walking towards the area where there are large furnaces. Go past the door and the saw guy will attack you and lock you inside one of the funaces.

As soon as you gain control of Waylon, turn around and you'll notice that the back side of the furnace has a hole on it. Get near it and start punching the wall until it breaks.

Once you break the furnace wall head towards the left side and follow that path until you see a door.

Inside the storage room head towards the back and you'll find a battery on top of the shelves. Head back out and go back to the furnace afterwards.

You'll notice that there's a ladder on the right side of the furnace you burst out through. But go towards the door with light streaming out of it first and grab the folder behind the podium. Then make your way up the ladder.

On top of the ladder you'll notice a hole on the ceiling. Go towards it and jump to climb up on the ledge.

Now go around and climb on top of the crates, then jump towards the ledge that's right in front of it.

Look to the left side and you'll notice that there's a small gap in the wall and beam that runs throughout the wall. Use the beam to get to the other side.

The black smoke will appear but it won't hurt you. Climb up the crates to get to the next level.

Now make your way to the makeshift bed and grab the battery on top of the boxes. Then turn around and you'll see an open vent that you can enter.

Climb down the whole in the vent and make your way across the room towards the open door.

Turn left and left again (the dark side of the corridor) and follow the path until you see a dead guard. There's a battery beside him. Take it and go back towards the bright end of the corridor.

Take the second door on the left side. The one on the right is closed.

Now in the next corridor take the door on the right but be careful the saw guy is here and he will find you immediately if you're not careful. If he does catch you, make a run for it and go towards the dark area where the dead guard is (where you got the battery) he should stop chasing you.

Make your way to the door that's diagonal from the bookshelf. Remember to be careful. Although I recommend making the patient chase you once and you'll be able to access this area easier than when hiding from him.

There's a battery in the room directly in front of the one you came out of. It's underneath a skeleton's hand.

Leave the room and head towards the corner near the windows. Keep walking and don't open that first door, the patient is in there. Go through the open door right next to it.

Keep walking or if the patient is chasing after you, keep running and vault past the table.

Then squeeze yourself through the tiny opening between the barricade and he can't chase after you anymore.

Enter through the open door on the left and use the only door in the room to get to the next area.

Turn left and keep walking until you reach the end of the path, then turn right and keep going until you see the dead guard. Take the battery beside him and make your way back.

Follow the blood and you'll find a tear in the plastic wall, go through it and turn right.

Use the hole in the wall to get to the next area. Go to the room on the right side and grab the folder on top of the table then exit and continue down the corridor.

Open the door, turn left and open the door again. You'll find a patient who likes to bang his head on the doors, he's harmless. Crouch and make your way underneath the counter.

Turn right and you'll see a door, but before you exit through that door go near the counter on the left side and grab the battery on top of it.

Follow the path until you get into a long corridor. Look to the right and you'll see a bed that's blocking the way. Vault over it but be careful cause Mr. Saw is here.

The door that you want is the third door on the right side, counting from the bed (including the one with wooden planks nailed on it). Open the door and close it behind you.

Inside the room you'll see a bed, climb on top of it and turn right. Jump up and you'll be able to grab on to the open vent.

Make your way through the vent and you'll fall down. Mr. Saw will try to break down the door, so quickly head inside the door directly in front of you and enter through the gap in the wall. You'll be safe after that.

Keep walking down the corridor until you get to another office room. Take the folder on top of the counter.

Now make your way to the other end of the room and take the battery on top of the table near the door and exit through the door once you have it.

Make your way to the end of the corridor and enter through the door on the right. You'll hear that familiar saw again. I have no idea how he goes around, really.

As you enter the door you'll notice that it's a laboratory of some sort. There's actually 3 paths you can take here but either ways you'll have to get to the gas room. I recommend taking the one on the left side.

You'll immediately see a sign that points towardst the gas room. So quickly make your way to the end of the hallway and turn right.

You'll notice that there's a trail of blood that leads to a glass door.

Look up and you'll see a hole in the ceiling. Jump towards it to climb up the ledge and drop down in the next room.

Enter the gas room and grab the battery on top of the table then go to the right side and shut down the gas using the valve.

"Now head back out the way you came. This time the glass doors are accessible since the gas is gone now. You can either tread lightly and avoid getting detected or just make a break for it and leave the area immediately.

You'll be safe once you get inside the first decontamination room.

After leaving the room, turn right and you'll notice some blood on the floor. Follow it and enter the second glass door.