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Outlast DLC : Whistleblower Walkthrough Prelude

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The game will begin with you being carried off and getting strapped to a chair. This is only the introduction, so sit back and watch the cutscene.

After watching the introduction, you'll be given an idea of what happened 2 hours before you got to your current situation. A laptop will be in front of you and Waylon is apparently trying to get someone to investigate the Murkoff corp. hence the title Whistleblower.

After getting disturbed by someone calling you over, you'll be given a prompt to send the email. Press the left mouse button to send it and Waylon will get up from the chair.

After Waylon gets up from the chair, head on over to the gate on the left side of the room and go through it.

You'll see a guy standing in front of the door. He'll inform you that the higher ups are looking for you and that you need to get to them quickly.

After being informed of where to go, head over to the security door with a green lit panel on the right side.

Then turn left in the next room and you'll see a door with "Restricted Area" pasted on both sides. Get close to the door and open it.

Follow the path and you'll see a security guard. He'll inform you that the higher ups are waiting for you and let you through. Use the door to enter the engine room.

Inside the engine room you'll have to go near the empty computer on the right side of the front desk. It's the one beside the glass windows. Activate the computer and Waylon will start coding some programs.

After the cutscene you'll have to go back to the room that you came from and retreive your laptop. To do that just back track through the metal door and past the tunnel.

Once you get through the security door go towards the last room on the left side and enter it.

Once you get inside you'll see that your supervisor has already found your laptop and is aware that you're leaking information.

A cutscene will play afterwards in which Waylon will be forced to become a test subject for Murkoff and the game will officially begin.