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Outlast Walkthrough Chapter 3 - Sewer

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Go out and follow the corridor to the right, then go straight on. Enter the room on the right to see a man hunched on the floor and hear someone else banging on the door on the other side. That's the door you need to go through, so before you move the cab

"Afterwards, approach the surgical table and give yourself a boost up to the ventilation shaft. Crawl to the other side.

Unfortunately, you'll be knocked unconscious for the second time by the hand of the mysterious doctor.

The professor will take you for a short wheelchair ride, leaving you waiting until you can regain control over your body. In the meantime, you'll be able to admire the beauty of serene corridors and not-so-serene patients of the said doctor, which he probably is. When the icon shows up, start moving the mouse left and right to break free. Open the door once you break free, and you will enter a room with a patient who will start talling to you. Watch out! The Doctor is going to come, so what you do is hide int he corner right behind the door as shown in the picture. Don't he won;t find you as this tactic is useful.

Once you see him go towards the patient, make a run for it but quietly. You will come to a room where a ventillation shaft is open. Go to that.

Once you are out of the shaft you will turn back and see a metal thing blocking this door. Move that so you can open the door in the future. You'll thank me later as he will chase you.

You'll see a way into a bathroom, but inside you'll only find a folder with documents. After leaving it, use the suggested path to reach a large room with double doors on the right.Go through them to find an elevator key. As soon as you pick it up, the doctor will storm in.

Now turn back once you get the keys and open the door. Do the same tactic again by hiding behind the door on the right. He will walk past. Once he gets to a point where you can run, you close the door behing you,

Then, you will have to move another metal shaft. Don;t worry the doctor will take his time busting through the door. Once you move it, go down the path and turn left to where you see an elevator. Go in there and put your key. Get in and watch an exciting cutscene.

When it's over, look up. There's a trapdoor - escape through it.Once you're out of the elevator, go right and down the corridor.