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Outlast Walkthrough Chapter 4 - Male Ward

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Your new objective will be to find Father Martin outside.

" Turn left, then right at the crossroads. At the end of the corridor, turn right and follow the path. You'll reach a locker room, with some documents next to one of the lockers.After picking them up, move back and walk along the basins. There's a door leading to another corridor.

You'll find yourself in a burning room, where practically everything is on fire. You need to find places to jump through. The first is a little to your left. Shortly afterwards, you'll stumble upon a man who tells you he had burned this place down and if you want live, go out through the kitchen. Make you way to the left and follow the path.

Eventually, you'll step out into a corridor - turn left, the straight between the shelves. If you turn right, you'll find a room with a document.Once again, you're going to have to play with two levers located at two other ends of the complex. Naturally,

Once you're between the shelves, turn left, then right, then right again into the kitchen, and left, left. You should see it on the wall.

Turn back and hid behind this white box, You can tilt your screen so that your head is poking out only. Once you hear Chris Walker walk away, you still want to stay. LISTEN CAREFULLY! When you hear Chris Walker start banging on a door, you want to get up and immediately sprint to the other side and go through the shelves, Go down the bathroom and you will see guy sitting and washing someone. At the end of the hall there is your second valve.

Once you turned the second valve , you get out of that place and when you turn right , you will see him running after you. This part is not the hard as you just have to outrun him. To do this just look left and just flank him. I got lucky and lost him and he didn't try to find me. Most liely he will chase you till the end and you will have to go through the shelves and wait for him to leave.

When he does leave just go to the first room and hit the button as the sprinkler system will turn on.