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Outlast Walkthrough Chapter 7 - Return to the Administration Block

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There should be another passage on the left. Go down the corridor until you reach a gap in the wall at the end. Go through it.You'll find yourself in a room with two poor souls praying. Run into the corridor. In the middle room on the left there is a window passage. In room B329 you can find some documents, and at the end of the corridor, a battery.

Use the ledge to get into the open room, and leave it. Make your way to the right, then right again, past the two guards at the double doors. Go to the middle of the church and take the other key.

You'll find a ventilation shaft. Use it to get the hell out of this damned place. Jump down and go down the corridor - that's when your favorite person shows up. Run forward, taking some hits and squeezing past. At the end of the corridor, enter the room on the left and jump up through the grate to find yourself in the kitchen.

Leave the kitchen through the door on the right and you'll find yourself back in the hall. Use the elevator.

Go back to the corridor and keep going forward, past all the obstacles. Make way for the red wall right in front of you. At the end, to the right, you can find a battery, but the right way is the left path.

As soon as you turn another corner, the alarm will go off and you'll see the ghost again. Turn around and run because this time he'll strike. A short while later you'll be watching a nice cutscene in which the pursuer leaves you alone.

Keep going in the same direction a little longer, and a door will open on the left. Behind the glass window, you will see a fairly normal man sitting in a wheelchair. He'll ask you to kill Billy in the laboratory, because he's the ghost.

Having nothing better to do, agree. When you leave the room, turn left and you'll see another door opening for you. Go through it and run down the corridor, then turn left at the end. The arrow on the wall will point you in the right direction.At the end of the corridor, behind the double doors, turn right and then go past the generators to reach the stairs. Go up and run to the open door, then through the decontamination chamber. Watch out for Billy breathing down your neck.As soon as you leave the chamber, go right to another passageway, then all the way straight to the massive door. Enter the laboratory and go downstairs. You'll see Billy inside one of the chambers.

There are only two paths from here, both having you switching things on. First, go right. This is not the time for sneaking anymore; it's time for sprinting only.

Go through the door, the run forward into the next chamber; there, keep close to the left wall and move upstairs. Follow the catwalk and it will lead you straight to the valve. Turn it and go back to the room with Billy.

There are stairs on the other side of the room. Go up them, then squeeze through the barrels and keep running forward. Watch out, though, because the ghost is still after you and you can't hide from it.In the next room, run up the stairs on the left. It will take some time. Jump over to the other side.

"Turn left and start climbing the stairs, and when you're up, get to the other side. Turn on the camera and go right, then follow the path until you reach the decontamination chamber. Billy will stop chasing you for a while.

Now all you need to do is go back and make a jump.

Here Billy will basically beat you up.

And that is it! You will see Miles Upshure struggle to walk with the injuries Billy gave to him.

When it's over, look to the right and start climbing the stairs, then go straight on all the way. These are the last steps in the game. As you approach the door, another cutscene will play, ending the game.

Thank you. That is it! You've completed the game Oulast! Hope you enjoyed! Feel free to leave a tip if I helped you :)