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Outlast Walkthrough Chapter 6 - Female Ward

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When you turn right, there will be a plank for you to walk on close to the wall. When the plank ends, jump to the other side. You'll be once again in a room with beds. Maneuver between them.One wrong step will cause the floor to collapse right under you,

Look for a door to the next room. Once you go through it, there will some more jumping to do. In the middle of the last jump, your video camera will fall two floors below.

You're going to need to find it, so move back, jump down and go through the passageway on the left. Move through the next room, where you can pick up two batteries. Use the next door.

Your new objective is to find your camcorder. What you do is jump down and go through the door which you saw a guy come out. Go there.

You will see a small opening. Go through that.

Leave the room and turn right, then right again. Ahead, you should see a knocked over bed, so just jump over it and proceed on. At some point, an enemy will jump you. Move the mouse to shake him off, and he'll run ahead.fter this little argument, turn right, then right again, and finally into the room on the right.

You'll finally see your video camera. Take it and start running in the same direction. The escape route isn't any different than the one you used to get here.

Once you're back on the right floor, go right and across the gap in the floor. Follow the given path until you reach a bright passage below. On your right, there is a plank that you can use to jump over to the other wall. Do it, then jump down next to the passage.

After stepping into the new corridor, a nice psychopath will welcome you - he won't have any evil intentions towards you, though, but will only close the gate behind you so that you can't go back. There's no other way, so proceed on.

Squeeze through the shelves until you see the large guy breaking into the room at the end. Leave him be and go into the room on the left. Look up to see a shaft entrance. Get to the other side.Use the corpse-barricaded exit. You need to push it to go through, but when you do, you'll find yourself next to the library that you passed by at the beginning of the game. You can find a battery here and some documents describing the plot.

"Use the same door to leave, then go right. In a moment, you'll be back in the reception area, and the talking nut will tell you about a key that you need to find.

"Approach the wall and walk along the ledge to the other side of the location. That way you'll go around the metal gates and the locked passageway.

After taking a few steps, the movie will start. You can either watch or not. Either way, go to the back and you'll see a door behind the chairs. Go through it, then through another one. Walk past the lunatic hiding in a locker and go up the stairs. If you go straight on, you'll find a document.

Upstairs, crouch and go under the desk; you'll see the door to another room with batteries inside. Take them, then attempt to open the next door. You won't be able to, so backtrack to where you needed to crouch.Wait until the lunatic goes downstairs.

Step into the balcony. On the left you'll find a way to the other side. At the end, jump over to the next balcony, enter the room and take the key you find there.