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Overlord Walkthrough Golden Hills After Temple Construction Site

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Walk over to the bridge. The elves will talk to you. Send blue minions over the other side of water and have them turn wheel to make the bridge.

Go across the bridge. Go through the gates. Dwarves will be ready to defend their leader. Kill the dwarves with your minions.

To the left of where you come in is a big bag of gold. Have your minions grab the bag of gold.

Climb the stairs to the back and right of where you come in.

Follow this path up to the top of the wall. When you reach the top two dwarves will pop behind you. Follow the top of the wall to the stairs at the other end.

Go down the stairs killing any dwarves you find. Over by the door will be a flamethrower dwarf. To the left of the stairs are four bombs. Have a minion grab a bomb and drop it near the flamethrower dwarf.

Once the path is clear, it is time to enter the Royal Halls.