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Overlord Walkthrough The Ruborian Desert

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From the teleporter, go up the right path. Kill the raiders as you go. Follow the bone path from the raider camp.

Oh my. Need to run across the sand to the hill. Go send your minions in their pits first. I ran across with 35 minions made it across with 4. At the top of the hill a blaster bug comes out of the ground.

Hey maybe the worm would like some blaster bugs to eat. To the left of the bug is a nest of eggs. Have a minion grab an egg and run it down to the sand. When the sand starts to shake have the minion drop the egg.

It takes two blaster bugs to make the worm die. Now grab a couple more minions and return to the sand where the worm was. There is a tower object. It will increase your mana. Have your minions grab it.

The blaster bugs can destroy the bone walls as well. Go back to the blaster bug. Go around to the left and there will be a bone wall straight ahead. Grab an egg near the bone wall. Have the minion drop the egg near the wall.

The blaster bug will stay near the egg. Hit the blaster bug a few time. Then get back from it. The explosion from the bug dying takes out the bone wall.

After you pass the bone wall, a cut scene will begin. After the scene to your left will be an egg cluster. Have a minion grab an egg and run it to the bone wall below and to your right.

Some raiders attack after the bone wall is destroyed. You will also be back at the tower teleporter. There is one more bone wall to your right. Have a minion grab an egg and blow the wall up.

Past the wall is another of those worms. So have the minion grab an egg and feed the worm two blaster bugs.

Now that the way is clear go replenish your minions. Be careful there will be another worm after the stone road. Up the road to the right is a tower object.

It increases your life. Have your minions grab it.

From where the tower object was follow the path down the hill. Follow it to some buildings. There will be two raiders here. Also there is a blaster bug and egg nest. There is also a brown summoning pit.

From the building with the blaster bug, follow the path that goes from the left side. You will see Jewel jump a chasm.

Follow the right wall, ignoring the first break in it to the left. Keep following the wall until you get to the stairs. At the top of the stairs is another tower object. Only problem is the three worms in the way. Kill all three worms then have your minions grab the object. It increases your life.

Back at the chasm Jewel jumped over, follow the left wall to a raider camp. Clear the area of raiders. On the behind and to the left side of camp you can see a blaster bug egg cluster.

Standing on the backside of the building have a minion grab an egg and run it to the bone wall to your right. Also seems there is a worm in the sand. There is another bone wall in the camp. Blow the second bone wall up as well.

Past the second bone wall are a bunch of fire beetles. Clear the area of the beetles. There also fire bomb throwing raiders. Kill these raiders as well.

Follow the path all the way to the back. There will be a stairs here.

At the top of stairs will be a wheel. Have your minions turn it.

This will make a bridge over the chasm Jewel jumped over. Clear the village of raiders. When the area is clear, go to the right of the area. A cut scene will begin of Jewel.

To defeat Jewel is easy. Guard marker some Minions in each little break in the walls that line the path up the middle. Just like in the picture. Just not as far out in the middle.

Then drive Jewel right down the middle. This will drive her on to the teleporter. She will be captured and thus defeated.

Now clear this area of loot. Also back by the teleporter use a minion to grab an egg and drop it next to bone wall. Give the blaster bug a few good hits, then go back to where the Mother Goddess statue is. Have your minions grab the Mother Goddess statue.

As your minions are carrying the statue to the teleporter elves will show up asking for the statue. Uncorrupt Drop the statue on the pad. Corrupt Keep the statue. And kill the elves.

Now go back to the tower. Kahn will attack Spree. Use the tower heart and choose Mellow Hills as you destination.