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Overlord Walkthrough Temple Construction Site

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Go to the left. At the T intersection, go to the left.

Take the first right. Follow this path to an open area. Down in the open area is what looks like a giant rock armadillo.

When the armadillo curls up and rolls at you get out of its way. It will be kind of stunned after it hits something. Send your minions in after it hits something.

Go to the right of where you entered the lower section. There will be a barricade.

Have your minions tear the barricade down. Go to the left after the barricade. There will be some dwarves, but don't worry about the dwarves, an armadillo will come and take care of the dwarves. Worry about the armadillo.

Follow the path until you can go right. There will be another armadillo to the left when you enter the next passage. Run to the passage on the right. Wait until it passes, then come back and sweep your minions on to the armadillo.

Go back to the passage on the right. Turn right in the next passage. You can't see the armadillo thatís in front of you. Run in to the passage to the left.

Turn around and sweep the armadillo after it hits the wall. Come back to the left passage when it's been dealt with. As you go forward and destroy the barrels, there is another armadillo ahead. Deal with the armadillo.

Follow the passage until you can go left. Go up the stairs. Then go down the stairs to the left. Follow the path around and to the right.

In the distance you will see dwarves fighting an armadillo. Help the armadillo out, send some minions to the block. Then clean up the remaining monsters.

Go to the stairs. Have your minions turn the wheel to open gate. Follow path down. At the bottom will be a big open area. There are two armadillos.

After the armadillos are dead, to the left is a cage full of elves. To the right of cage is a wheel. Turn the wheel and free the elves. Corrupt after you free the elves kill the elves.

Turn around. Another cage is on the left wall. Turn the wheel to open the gate. Inside are more bombs.

Down by the door is a big block. Have your minions move the block.

To open this door is like the other doors. It takes four bombs to blast it open.

When you get in the passage there will be an armadillo to the right. When it is dead, go to the right. Turn right at the end of the passage. There will be a block straight ahead. Have your minions move the block.

There will be an armadillo to the right after the block. Going straight ahead the path to the left is a dead end with some dwarves and loot. The stairs on the right lead father in.

Go to the right at the top of the stairs. A cut scene will begin. Follow the path after the scene. This lava golem is so easy to kill.

Just sweep minions on the barricade blocking the armadillos. They will roll in to the golem and hurt him. Added bonus they die too.

Sweep the area of more dwarves. Towards the top of ramp will be a passage to the right. There is a block to move. Have your minions push the block.

Back in the area where the golem was, is a tower object. It increases max minion capacity. Have your minions grab it.

Now send brown minions to grab the Mother Goddess statue. They will enter the statue. Well time to leave. Go back to the tower. Use the tower heart to go to Golden Hills stronghold.