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Overlord Walkthrough Golden Hills After The Glittering Mine

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Go to the right on the path. Have your minions break the barricade.

Follow the path after the barricade. As you come around the corner a cut scene will begin. Have your minions kill the dwarf.

Once it is safe go to the door. Have your minions blow up the door with the bomb. You need to do it twice.

Follow the path down in to a fort. On the left is a teleporter and summoning pit area. This is should be fun. Dwarves will throw bombs at you. Have a minion pick one up and drop the bomb at door. You need to do this four times.

A dwarf will walk out the door. Have your minions kill him.

Then go through the door. Go to the right while killing dwarves.

Climb the stairs and go around the right and up another set of stairs. Follow this path back out to the area where you needed the four bombs to open the door.

To the left will be a tower object. It increases your health. Have your minions pick it up.

Go back to main area and to the right of where you come back is a wheel. Have your minions mad rush the wheel as two dwarves with rocket launchers attack you.

This will make a bridge. You can use bombs to kill the two dwarves guarding the door. Or just sweep them with minions. Killing the dwarves takes two bombs.

Then sweep your minions at the rocket launchers. You will lose some minions to the rocket launchers.

Go through the door. This takes you to the Brewery.