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Overlord Walkthrough The Glittering Mine

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Break the barricades that are ahead of you. Some elves will run out of the mine.

That was a big slug. Break the barricade down. Take the left path.

Kill the big slug. Have your minions grab the cart.

Go through the gate the elves opened. Follow the path and ignore the right path. It is a dead end. When the path gets wider, go straight. Follow this path.

At corner go right. At the T intersection, go to the left. Follow this path until the second T intersection.

Go to the left. At the third T intersection, go to the left once again. At the end is a gold cart. Have your minions pick it up.

Go back to the wide area. You can either grab a bomb and run it to a dwarf and then drop it. Or you can just sweep your way through here.

At the end of the hallway is the third gold cart and a wheel to open the gate. Have your minions grab the cart.

Have your minions turn the wheel. Go through the gate.

Go to the left. Follow the path until you come to a set of stairs.

Climb up the stairs. At the top of stairs is a cut scene. Have your minions kill slugs, then push a cart over the slug hole. Corrupt turn the wheel to let the elves get killed by the slugs before you close the slug hole.

Break the barricades with minions.

Follow path after the barricades. Have your minions turn the wheel at end of path to open gate.

Go back to gold cart and have your minions grab it.

Exit the mine.