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Overlord Walkthrough Mother Goddess Temple

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A cut scene will begin. Run across the room and go through the door. In the next room is a troll.

Go to the room on the right. If the elf ghosts see you they will attack. If they go in one of the rooms off the side, send minions to turn the wheel next to the door.

This will lock the ghost in the room. Go down and climb the stairs next to the coffin. Have your minions open the coffin.

Once the coffin is open the ghost will be friendly again. Go down the path that is past the coffins. In the next room are two groups of ghosts. When a group goes through a door, send 3 minions to close that door.

Do this for both sides. Now there seem to be three coffins in this room. Open the coffins until you get the hidden key.

Call back all your minions and go back to the room you fought the troll in. Go straight ahead to the next room.

Here you can't lock the ghosts up. Also only blue minions can hurt them. Kill the ghosts. Then open the four coffins. There are two on each side. One will have the key.

Go around to the side with the second set of coffins and go down the hallway. Go left at the corner. There are more ghosts in here.

There are four rooms off the central room. Each room has at least two coffins. When you enter the rooms, a human drops in and fights you.

After the rooms are cleared of creatures, start opening the coffins. When you open a coffin a human will drop in also.

When you get the last key go back to the room you fought the troll in. Go to the left and walk up to the door.

When you enter a cut scene will begin. Across the room is a tower object. Grab it with your minions. It is the berserk spell.

To the right is the last node. When you attack the node trolls will appear. Have your minions kill the trolls.

Once the trolls are dead, kill the node. It will open a passage. Go through passage.