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Overlord Walkthrough Evernight Forest Oberon

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Go to Oberon. At the tree turn right. Take the left path of the two.

Take the path to left. Go down to the water’s edge. Guard marker your minions. Have the blues move the block out of the way.

Follow the water to a node. Attack the node.

To the right is a path. Follow it until the opening to the left.

Follow this new path to a tree and a cut scene. There are three unicorns protecting the tower object. After it is safe, have your blue minions grab the object. Uncorrupt If you get it without burning the sacred grove, you did good. Corrupt Burn the grass of the sacred grove to get some corruption.

It will increase your health. Go back to Oberon. Go around the building and down the stairs to the left.

Go down to the stairs at the other end of the path.

Turn and look out at the water. You should see a wheel. Send your blues to turn the wheel.

Cross the bridge to a barricade and cave entrance. Have your minions break the barricade down and enter the cave.