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Overlord Walkthrough The Understeets

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Follow the water until you get to a big room. Take the stairs on the right side.

Follow the path to the blue summoning pit. Put in or take out to where you have ten blues. Go to the left and there is a brown summoning pit in the water.

Make a guard marker for the blues near the water. Then target the brown summoning pit and summon fifteen browns. Slowly, they will pop out and drown. Then your blues will grab them and resurrect them.

Go back out to the big room. On the other side there are zombies. Guard marker your minions next to the stairs.

Move the guard marker across the pipe.

Go down in the water and up the other stairs. Switch to browns and call them back to you one at a time. You want to leave the blues on the marker.

Sweep the room of the zombies. Move the guard marker closer to the browns as needed.

Go through the door. Go to the right. There are some zombies. Kill as you go. Move the marker as well.

In the big room there are birds on the left in the water guarding a red wheel rod. Also on the left side are a blue and a brown summoning pit.

Guard marker the browns on the land next to the water.

Move the blues guard marker next to it on the section where the Overlord can go. Select blue minions. Call one minion.

Target the birdís eggs and send the blue minion to grab it. Move him near the browns.

Drop the egg. The birds will come after the browns. The browns will kill the birds.

Leave the red rod for now. Let us clear the way first. To the left of the birds is a door.

Go through door. Path wraps around to the right. Go up the stairs and kill all the zombies here.

Go back to the red rod and have a blue grab it.

Look back at where you came from, go down stairs and go to left on land.

Go up stairs on other side. There are some beetles here kill them.

Have your minions bash the door down.

Inside it seems the priests failed to escape the plague and are now zombies. Kill the zombies. To the right of where you came in is a barricade. Have your minions smash the barricade.

Go up the stairs on the other side of the barricade. There is a red rod piece you may have noticed earlier. Have a minion grab the rod piece. He will then run it back to the wheel.

Go back down the stairs and have your minions turn the wheel there.

This opens the nearby gate. Go through door. Go to the right.

Set blues on a guard marker somewhere near water. Leave the browns alone for now. They won't follow you in to the water. Kill the beetles. Go down stairs in to the water. Go to the T intersection.

Go to the left, but be careful, zombies will pop out of the ground when you get to passage to the right. Some will be behind you.

Run back to where your minions are. Run in a bit and turn around. Wait for the zombies to come.

Kill the zombies with the browns. You may need to go out and fish the zombies back. Repeat this as needed. Once the way is clear up to the room on the right, send all your minions to their summoning pit.

Now go to the room down the passage.

Go past it to the corner. At the corner, go to the left. Go to next corner and go left. Clear the room of beetles. Run back to other room to replenish life or minions.

Once clear of beetles there is a red summoning pit to the right. Summon reds and set them on a guard marker. This will kill the zombies down below.

Once the zombies are dead Turn to the left and there will be a fire barricade. Have the reds tear it down.

Go back to red wheel. Turn to the right and go to railing. Set your red and blue minions to a guard marker and move the marker to the lower section.

This should help clear the rest of the zombies.

Go back around to the right side. Have some blues take down barricade.

Kill any surviving zombies. Go to the left down the passage. Where the reds are should be another barricade.

Have the blues destroy that barricade as well. Climb the stairs. To the right is the last red rod piece. Have a blue grab it and take it to the wheel.

Go back to red wheel. Have your minions turn wheel. This opens the gate.

Go through the gate. Go down the stairs to the left. This is one of those fun parts. There is a snake up ahead. Have a blue grab an egg and drop it near the snake.

Have the minions turn the wheel when it is safe.

Go through gate. Ignore the bags of gold for now. Up the stairs and to the right is a brown summoning pit.

Summon some browns. Climb the stairs behind you and kill the zombies.

There is a tower object in the middle of room. It is the confusion spell. Grab with your minions.

Now let's get the gold bags. Get fifteen blues. Sweep them out to the bags.

Now go back to the door. This door leads to the Town of Heaven's Peak. Enter the town for a cut scene. Go forward and to the left. There is a wheel for the drawbridge.

There will be some knights guarding it. Kill the knights.

Have your minions turn the wheel.

Some people will leave town. Go back to the teleporter. Get some red minions. Then go back to the understreet. To the left is a passage that is blocked by fire. Clear the fires.

Go through the door. Go forward and then through door on left. Set guard marker with reds and blues.

Follow this hallway. There are zombies here. Just keep the blue/red marker following you. Go right at the corner at the end.

Follow this area forward and a bit to the left. Go left at the corner. Creep forward here with the blue/red marker. Send in rest of minions to kill the zombies.

On raised section is a wheel.

Have some minions turn the wheel.

Go through the gate. Go to the right. At the stairs zombies will come around the far corner. Let them close in on you before attacking.

Move the marker to the far corner and then go there yourself.

Go around the bend in the passage. Pass the health and mana fountains. Go through the door.

To the right is a huge zombie army. Set the marker group at the foot of stairs and prepare for a battle.

Sweep the zombies with the rest of minions. Once the room is safe, in the right corner is a wheel.

Have the minions turn the wheel. This opens the gate. Go through the gate when it is open.

Follow the path until you get to a T intersection. Go straight to a wheel. Have your minions turn the wheel.

Go back to the T section and then to the right. In here are a bunch of zombies and two fire zombies. Kill them with your minions.

Have your minions grab the smelter. They will carry it to a teleporter.

Go to the tower. Forge some durium armor and weapons. The new equipment will help in coming battles. Go back to the town of Heaven's Peak.